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Imagine studying your Bible on the shore of the Sea of Galilee (for college credit), Friday dinners with your new Israeli “family,” and learning through daily life that Yeshua is your ultimate source of strength. Below is just a taste of what you should expect.


Israel, located in the Mediterranean area, has the best of climates similar to Southern California–only without the smog!

Depending on the program you pursue, you may experience warm, dry summers or cool, rainy winters. Doing a little bit of research goes a long way in terms of planning your experience abroad. Talking to your professors and peers who have traveled to Israel will help you know what to expect.


Historically, Kibbutzim, or “groups,” were established on the borders of Israel to protect and strengthen the country, contributing to its ideological, economic, and educational development.

Today, a kibbutz is a co-op farm of between 200 and 1500 people - somewhat similar to a gated community with its own security. Each family has their own apartment with telephone, TV, air-conditioning, small kitchen, living room and bedrooms. Learn about Israel’s rich history while enjoying the comforts of home.

Student Life

Live on a kibbutz while participating in a full range of social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities: lectures, concerts, plays, extracurricular sports, Jewish holidays, and more.  Grow in your self-understanding and interpersonal skills as you live and work with teammates from various places and backgrounds, as well as with Israelis.

During your time in Israel, you will have the opportunity to receive counseling and spiritual mentoring as well as make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Undergraduate Program

Spend your sophomore, junior or senior  year on our campus by the Sea of Galilee.

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Graduate Program

Earn a Master of Arts Degree in Israel Studies.

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Summer Internships

Earn college credit while traveling, volunteering, and learning leadership skills.

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Two-Week Prophetic Seminar Trips to Israel for Pastors and Explorers

Experience on-site the historic and prophetic stories of the Scriptures as you travel the land from Dan to Beersheva.

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Two-Week Bible Geography Course 

 Professors, take your students with you to participate in an on-site study of the land of the Bible.

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Customized Trips for Youth Pastors/Groups

Youth pastors, bring your young people for two weeks to whet their appetite for changing their world.

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