BII was one of the highlights of my college experience. The things I learned are still relevant today. This Passover [2017] was a good reminder of my time on Kibbutz Ma'agan.

Andrew M.
1994 Alumnus
Wash, DC


Marleen F.

My life has never been the same since my year in Israel. Every part of it was amazing, from the jaw-dropping views, to the fascinating people, to walking where Jesus walked, I loved every second.

Daniel C.
2008 Alumnus

This trip was amazing... We saw so much and went so many places and ate a lot of great food, slept in clean comfortable rooms and had great company. The students added a huge blessing in my heart. It was great to get to know them as well. God blessed me on this journey and I'm still learning just how much! Thank you very much for everything!

S. A.
March 2014 Seminar Participant

We appreciate the work that you have had over so many years, the friendship that we have shared for over 40 years, and the blessing that you have been to our family. Much that we do, we learned from you -- from hospitality to tract writing… We have always appreciated that you used your hands in the work. You used your creativity and were not afraid to think outside the box. Or even to make the box!

Robert and Jane K.

My year in Israel gave me a fresh outlook on ministry & loving people. It grew my passion... & gave me even more of a heart for reaching out [to people] with the love of Yeshua.

Melanie M.
2010-11 Alumna

God used my year in Israel with BII to change my life! The Bible came alive as we visited the very places God evidenced HIS power and glory. If you wish to grow in your spiritual walk with God, and gain a greater understanding of His Word, I encourage you to pursue Baptists for Israel Institute!

Jeremiah C.

It was a life-changing experience to live in Israel! The relationships that developed that year have followed me throughout my adult life and career.

Dr. Suzannah S., DVM

It has been 21 years since my summer adventure in Israel; but it seems like yesterday. I wish I could take my family with me back to Ma'agan and experience Israel as I did. Thanks BII for a lifetime of love for Israel and her people!

Rev. Philip P.

My time on [the] kibbutz in 1997 was absolutely invaluable for my biblical studies. [Mel earned a PH.D. in Biblical Studies from Southeastern Theological Seminary, NC in 2011.

Mel W.
Summer 1997 Alumna

My time in Israel was eye-opening, encouraging, inspiring, challenging, and ultimately life-changing.

Reed W.
2010-11 Alumnus

It [BII student/internship] changed my world!

Heather B.
2008 - 09 Alumna

I really don't know where to begin as we had such a great time. Each and every day provided new historical facts and the actual sites where the Bible scriptures of events happened. Brad's reading of the 23rd Psalm as we traveled along was especially moving. Our bus group was completely silent as we listened and appreciated the beauty of the shepherds tending their flocks in the fields reflecting back on the many scriptures we had read on the shepherds and sheep. The last day was once again the confirmation of our salvation through the risen [Yeshua] and viewing the empty tomb. What a glorious day it will be when He returns!!

John & Donna H.
Seminar Participants

The whole trip can be summed up as "personal" from our greeting at the airport to Brad and Jeannie opening their home to us, to meeting Gilboa, and even the playful banter with our bus driver. We were well-fed, lovingly cared for, and we felt safe the whole time. Brad's knowledge of the Word and sites was amazing.

This trip has been a dream of mine and it played out beyond my expectations.

May God continue to bless your ministry and change lives as people experience the land of promise and learn what it truly means to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem"

Ted & Gloria K., Mar 2013 seminar participants
March '13 Seminar Participants

We had such a wonderful time. I think I learned as much this time as I did on my first trip! It was really a wonderful time. Brad and Jeannie are absolutely wonderful! Everyone falls in love with them both each trip we take. [This was Valarie's 4th seminar to Israel.]

Valarie W.
Seminar Participant

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Israel with your group. Brad was an excellent host, teacher, and guide, and we made some special new friends with the group of travelers.

The J. Family
Seminar Participants

I had a wonderful time and experienced such blessings. I'm still excited about what I saw and learned. I hope to go there again someday, if the Lord wills.

Lillian B.
Seminar Participant

As a Bible college student I heard about BII and wanted to go to Israel and learn more about the land of the Bible. I did learn plenty about Bible background and language, but something quite unexpected happened and I fell in love with the people. BII has a wonderful program where you are "adopted" by a kibbutz family and form relationships. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about going that this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I thank God to this day that I had the privilege to live in Israel for a time and I would do it again tomorrow

Roger S.
1986-87 Alumnus

..We walked through the ruins of the ancient cities where Yeshua walked, floated in the Dead Sea, rode the cable car to the top of Masada, saw the caves where David and his men hid from King Saul, saw the spring where Gideon singled out his 300 men; we worshipped with Jewish believers in Jerusalem, shopped in the Jerusalem Cardo & Jerusalem Mall. We went to the Wailing Wall, Garden of Gethsemane, and Golgatha, we sang praises at the Garden Tomb while listening to the praises of other believers from other countries. This is just a small sampling of what we did in our seminar. We will treasure the memories for a lifetime. One of the most awesome things to me is that the more we learn about our Lord and the Scriptures, the more the pieces of our understanding fit together. This trip helps bring the big picture into even greater focus. Our faith is like no other! WE have a Living God, and a Resurrected Savior.

Loretta H.
Seminar Participant

We are very glad we did this [seminar]. The friendships, the fun, the sites are very permanent in our memories.

The B. Family
Seminar Participants

…words cannot describe how pleased I was with the trip. I have had the opportunity to learn of other tours that were little more than church hopping. With your trip there was a much broader picture for the past, present and future. You touched on history, sociology, anthropology, government, military, economics, etc. offering us a religious context. You packed a lot of information into a short period of time. Your excellent staff went way beyond the call of duty to ensure my trip was memorable.

Patricia L.
Seminar Participant

I was so incredibly moved by my time in Israel. It backed up my new-born faith with solid facts. Visiting the temple mount, snorkeling in the Red Sea, floating in the Dead Sea, climbing in the caves of Qumran and so much more! What has stuck with me the most is the people we met and grew to love and we are still in contact with some of them to this day. My husband and I celebrated our 1st anniversary in Israel!! We hope to visit again sometime...soon!! I tell everyone I can about it and encourage them to go!!

Sarah F.
Alumna, Domestic Engineer & Actress

As a pastor, it seems like experience or learning from my time in the Holy Land makes it's way into every time I teach and preach.

Caleb K.
2013-14 Alumnus

I wish I was back in Israel right now! I absolutely loved every second of it.

Carlee C.
2016 Summer Alumna

Chance of a lifetime-great memories!

Elaine E.

Summer 1981. Leland was a loving Shepherd Leader to me when I broke down emotionally at the end of a rich experience that summer. I was such a greenstick with a weak character, yet he stood beside me, supporting me as a strong splint on a broken limb. To me, it was a real life picture of Christ our Shepherd taking care of His lost lamb. Living on the peaceful Kibbutz that summer & visiting many sites makes the testimonies & devastation of current events so real. I long to know how my adopted kubbutz family is. I've continued to pray for BII, the family & for all to know Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

Ruth Hellwege
Mishawaka, IN

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