Pastors - Bring a group to Israel

A trip to Israel can benefit you and your group in many ways.


  • It will strengthen the faith and biblical knowledge of your group
  • Reading Scriptures at their biblical location will help your group to visualize the great events.
  • It can enhance your preaching.
  • It can potentially bring a spiritual awakening to your entire congregation
  • The travelers will encourage others in the Word of God because of the unforgettable experience they had in Israel. It will bring joy to your heart as you watch them help others visualize and personalize the events and teaching of Scripture.

How Seminars Work:

  • We hold 3-5 seminars per year.
  • Typically seminars run in December/January, February, March, June and October/November
  • See Seminar Dates Here

Pastors: Ask How to Earn a Free Trip

Optional: Earn 3-hours of college credit. You will receive:

  • A Seminar Study Manual which will be sent to each household of those traveling, before departure.
  • A detailed schedule upon your arrival in Israel.
  • A large map of Israel to mark where you travel.

On-location reading of Scripture: The Temple Mount

The church was founded on the Temple Mount which is the location where more than 3,000 people gathered to hear Peter's sermon on the Jewish holiday of Shavuot (Pentecost). These temporary dwellers in Jerusalem made a pilgrimage to offer the tithe of their wheat harvest. Coming from 16 different locations, they asked: "How hear we every man in our own tongue, wherein we were born" (Acts 2:8). The Galilaeans were speaking in multipe lanauges "the wonderful works of God" (Acts 2:11).  They had found the Messiah and nobody wanted to leave until they knew more. They sold their possessions in order to share with each other so they could keep the church together. Stephen's death brought persecution and then they were scattered and went back home.

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