Simchat Torah Celebration

October 10, 2012

On Monday, October 8th, the Jewish holiday of Sukkot ended with a celebration of epic proportions. Loud music, dancing, friendly greetings, and Torah scrolls invaded a small community celebrating the festive holiday of Simchat Torah. Simchat Torah is a day set specifically aside for the celebration of the giving of God’s law to His people. The small communal observance witnessed by the rest of the BII team and me was one that will definitely be remembered for years to come.A white table positioned out in a small grass-inhabited area was where the Torah scrolls were gently placed in preparation for this occasion. When the time came to begin, the large group of people showed their appreciation of the giving of God’s law by dancing around the table and passing off the scrolls from one person to the next. I personally tried to participate in the festivities, but had my kippa trodden under foot when it bounced from my head and landed amongst the sea of people. A Jewish man aided me in recovering it, and with a friendly smile and a pat on the back led me back into the procession. While I certainly cannot grasp all of what took place at this event, nor comprehend the personal thoughts of all who attended, what still remains is a night that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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