"What kind of gift should I bring to give to my kibbutz family hosts?"

This is a question our seminar participants ask as they begin packing for their two week trip to Israel.

When you come to Israel with our seminar, there is one evening you will have the opportunity to visit in the home of a kibbutz family. This visit usually lasts no more than an hour or two. It is a fun gesture, though not required, to bring a gift as a “thank-you” to your hosts for their hospitality.

The answer to this "what to bring" question is as varied as there are individuals, but here are a few ideas.

Adults enjoy:Children love:
LotionsMatchbox cars

Picture books of America or of your area

Tootsie pops
Handmade craftsM&M candies
Men’s cologneChildren's card games


If you are looking for something unique, ask yourself...

"What are some things that are made or grown in my particular region, that may not be available in Israel?"These are also great gift ideas.

Some examples of items made in our Ohio area are maple syrup, goat milk soaps, Ballreich Potato Chips, Jones Potato Chips, and Smucker's Jams.  

I trust this will help you as you get ready for your trip. Happy packing!

Past seminar participants: Please leave a comment and share a gift idea you have used.

Kibbutz host families: Please leave a comment about a favorite gift you have received from a seminar participant.

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