Students Arrived!

After two weeks of orientation in Ohio, three 2013-14 student/interns and one short-term student flew to Israel on Saturday, September 7. They landed safely in Tel Aviv on Sunday afternoon and were greeted at the airport by our staff and then driven to the kibbutz. When they saw the Sea of Galilee, they knew they had arrived at their new home for the coming school year.

Yesterday, the students had their first day of classes and volunteer work on the kibbutz. In the midst of all this activity, the team even took time to celebrate the birthday of one of our students.

Though they missed Rosh Hoshana (the Jewish New Year) because they were still in the States, September is filled with many more Jewish holidays for our student/interns to experience while in Israel. This Friday evening begins Yom Kippur, followed a week later by a week of Sukkoth, and then Simchat Torah. Check our website blog for future articles about these and other Jewish Holy Days and holidays.

Just think, next year this could be you! Download a student information packet. Now is a great time to apply for the 2014-15 school year. Contact us today!

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