Hiking Near Masada and Being Watched

October 01, 2014

As we continue to thank the Lord for Baptists for Israel Institute's 40 years, we asked founders, Dr. Leeland and Mary Crotts, if they had any fun stories to share.

Here are two:

Hiking Trip

"When we go on trips, we always tell the students to bring good hiking shoes, a hat, and a canteen.  Hiking up a canyon near Masada, one of the girls asked another girl for a drink of water.  Her answer was “Why don’t you drink from your own canteen which is attached to your belt?”  Her response: “I was told to bring the canteen but nobody told me to fill it with water.”"

We are being watched 

Leeland tells, "While talking to the chairman of the kibbutz one day, he asked, 'Why are your people so different from others? When Jewish people become believers in God, they put on a kippa, prayer shawl, and go to synagogue. When you Baptists become believers, your whole life changes! You are different inside! If you smoke, you quit, if you drink or party, you quit.' This man had been carefully listening to and observing many BII students over the years."

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