"Israel Is, God Said It"

August 18, 2017

New Book Released by Baptists for Israel’s Founders, Drs. Leeland & Mary Crotts!

Drawn from their lifetimes of study of Scriptures, History, and living in Israel, Drs. Leeland & Mary Crotts share their new book, ISRAEL IS! God Said it!.

It is about God’s prophetic promises to Israel and their fulfillment.

 Seven predictions from the Bible are discussed in this book.  

  • The Bible predicts the Arab Israel conflict.
  • The Bible predicts the return of the Jewish people to Israel in definite steps.  
  • The Six Day War was clearly predicted.  
  • Israel would become a state again after 2000 years in exile.  
  • The ancient cities of Israel would be rebuilt.     
  • Israel would be one nation undivided not 2 nations as they were when they went into captivity.  
  • They will speak the Hebrew language when they return to Israel.

WHO OWNS THE LAND?  The prophecies in Ezekiel 35-37, are explained and illustrated clearly showing Israel has the birthright to their ancient homeland. It is exciting to see God fulfilling prophecy in our time. It all points to Messiah is coming soon. The last chapter explains how you can be ready for His coming. It is available at www.amazon.com.

Congratulations Drs. Leeland & Mary!

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