Extraordinary Education

Study Beyond the Four Walls of a Normal Classroom Setting

As you see events taking place in modern history, you can visualize the great events of prophecy -- past, present, and future. 


The bible comes alive!

The live and walk on the Biblical map is so much more than lessons at a desk. Each class is planned to make the Scriptures come alive as you visualize and personalize the great events and teachings of the Bible. The land of Israel is filled with historical and prophetic Biblical sites. We travel to these sites where we open the Word of God and learn about what God did at the site.



See Bible prophecy being fulfilled before your eyes!



42 Days of Field Trips

As you visit Israel and study the Bible on location, you will see the country's diverse geography and landscape from the north to its most southern point.  You will see first-hand God’s handiwork as you gaze upon the canyons, mountains, hills, valleys, seas, desert, snow and more!  

You will visit interesting modern sites that reflect God’s return of the Jewish people and the unique circumstances they face as the Scriptures predict.


Put in practice what you learn 

The Biblical holidays are national holidays in Israel.  After studying the holidays in the classroom you can observe and often participate in their celebrations.

Study Modern Hebrew and then practice it daily as you live among the Israelis.

Learn Cross-Cultural Communications and then live a unique cross-cultural experience among a people who have emigrated from countries all over the world.


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