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     Seminar Overview   


We hosted 15 participants from The Bahamas and Tennessee.

Leaders: Pastor Bill & Valarie Waddell. We hosted 15 participants from Texas, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado, Illinois, South Dakota and Montana.



Leaders: Pastor Tim Baker, Pastor Brent Snook and Bruce Linafelter. We hosted 38 participants from Ohio, Oregon and Missouri.

Leader: Evang. Randy Chovan. We hosted 8 participants from Florida.


12 participants came together for this seminar which was made up of people from Ohio, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and New Jersey.  One of our student's parents were in this group which made it really special that the students traveled along with this seminar.

31 participants joined this special seminar led by Pastor Bill & Valarie Waddell (TX), Pastor Steve & Becky Poludniak (FL) and Pastor Dave & Susan Johnson (FL).


Leaders: Pastor William & Kim Wegman (OH) and Pastor Larry & Kim Crabtree (MD). We hosted 17 participants, including family members of one our our students.

We hosted 27 participants. Pastor Bill & Valarie Waddell brought a group from Texas, and others came from Florida, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Michigan, Minnesota, and Maryland.




Leaders: Pastor Jim & Marilee Schettler and Ben & Makenzie Schettler.  We hosted 29 participants  from The Bahamas, California, Arizona, Florida, and Alabama. 



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