Two-week Seminar Trips to Israel

For Pastors and Explorers

As you join us for a Prophecy Seminar, you will travel the Land of Israel from Dan to Beersheva. You will experience on-site the historic and prophetic stories of the Scriptures as they unfold before your very eyes.


You’ll fly back home with an enriched understanding of:
  • Historic truth
  • Present politics
  • Future plans for the land God promised His people Israel

Optional college credit is available for this seminar trip/course. Teachers will find this useful for their continuing education requirements.

Pastors: Bring a Group        

Get your cameras ready! 

Walk the streets of old Jerusalem in the footsteps of Yeshua, the apostles and the prophets!

Imagine yourself sitting on the beautiful shores of the Sea of Galilee or picture yourself enjoying a boat ride on the sea where Yeshua walked.

Your trip will help you gain a new sense of love and appreciation for the land and the people who have planted a garden in a hostile desert and made it blossom like a rose. You will also gain first-hand information and knowledge that will help you understand your Bible and Israel’s historic past, present reality, and prophetic future.

Trips are custom designed with you in mind. They will familiarize you with the geography and sites of the Biblical land, the customs and the culture of the people, and modern Israel in light of current events and the Prophetic Word. Sites are explained by our main seminar leader who has been in the land for over 25 years. Not only is our team well acquainted with the land, but they are of like faith and understand which sites are important to you.

The Israelis, our hosts on the kibbutz, have expressed the desire to meet and know "older" Baptists.

As a result, each of our seminar participants is a guest in an Israeli’s home for an evening. This way you receive first-hand knowledge of Israeli family life. You will also spend time with our students and staff since the Prophetic Seminar is designed to acquaint you with the work of Baptists for Israel Institute located on the beautiful shore of the Sea of Galilee.


Visiting Israel is a life-changing, spiritual, unusual and personal experience!




While plenty of time is given to those who wish to shop, our emphasis is on seeing the land and meeting the people.  We also emphasize Biblical sites from the past, present and future. 




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