Make Israeli Friends

Baptists For Israel Institute Helps You Build Relationships.

You can have a cross-cultural experience with the people of Israel.



Life-long friendships!

One of the most rewarding experiences you will have is making friends with Israelis. You gain friendships that last a lifetime.


Cultural immersion!

Many Israelis have returned to their homeland from countries all over the world. They brought with them many cultures and languages, yet common to all is the Jewish culture and Hebrew language.


Join kibbutz life!

You become an intergral part of kibbutz life as you live among the people near the beautiful shores of the Sea of Galilee where Yeshua ministered and taught His twelve students.

You can Get involved!


In Israel, there are many holidays throughout the year and being part of them is a joy!  You will be part of the action and see how the biblical holidays come to life on the kibbutz.  You can also join in on kibbutz trips and events.

Work life 

Working on the kibbutz as a volunteer gives you the opportunity to become better acquainted with the people. It allows you the opportunity to prove you really care. Doing a good job at work earns respect.

Join a Family

You will learn about family life in Israel as you build a special relationship with your "adopted" family.  By visiting them regularly, they will share with you about their life and you will share with them what is most important in your life.   







Make friends through local activities! 

Israelis love the outdoors!  Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, volleyball, swimming, running, playing in a ladies recreational basketball team or participate in exercise groups, there are many opportunities to stay active.   

You can also volunteer or participate in the annual bike ride around the Sea of Galilee, the Sea of Galilee swim and the Independence Day race on the kibbutz team. 


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