Graduate Year Program

Earn a "Master of arts" degree in israel studies"


Live, work as a part-time volunteer, and study on a kibbutz located on the beautiful shores of the Sea of Galilee where Yeshua ministered.  Being immersed in this setting will give you firsthand knowledge of the people, their beliefs, hopes and aspirations.

Gaining firsthand cross-cultural experience is valuable as you meet Israelis, learn how to communicate with them and understand their customs, culture and language. 

Build bridges and make lasting relationships.

  • The more you understand the people, the more you will come to love them.
  • Build lasting relationships with a kibbutz family.
  • While many Israelis speak English, they are more than happy to help you improve in Hebrew.
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View video of your opportunity to intern/study in Israel.


archaeology dig

Over 42 days of field trips to Biblical and historical sites.

  • The land of Israel is our classroom.
  • Studying the Bible on the actual site gives you a unique perspective of the Word of God.
  • Travel from Dan to Beersheva (Now Metulla to Eilat).
  • Hike the beautiful canyons and swim under the cool waterfalls.
  • Hike up the canyon where David hid from King Saul.
  • Participate in an archaeology dig in one of the ancient biblical cities.
  • Visualize the great events of prophecy - past, present and future as you see the land of the Bible and the events taking place in modern history.

Learn and do: first learn in the classroom, then walk outside and practice what you learned.

  • Learn the Hebrew language and practice it with the Israelis.
  • Learn Cross-Cultural Communication and utilize it daily in life and work.
  • Learn Geography and walk on the map in the field trips.
  • Study Modern Israeli History then visits their museums that document major events.
  • Learn to be a servant of the LORD and then do it.

Physical activities...

  • Play basketball and soccer with the Israelis
  • Hike through Biblical canyons and mountains
  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • Snorkel in the Red Sea to see the beautiful coral and colorful fish
  • Swim in the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean
  • Kayaking, boating, and wind-surfing are available

Learn to depend on God for spiritual sustenance and strength while praying daily on the shores of Galilee. Recognize God is your ultimate source of strength and develop a close relationship with Messiah Yeshua that will enable you to cope with difficulties, challenges and temptations.


Get a stronger knowledge of the Word of God, the Bible.

As you observe the religious people you will gain a better understanding of the New Testament. Experiencing and learning about Jewish cultures sheds light on the teachings of the Old Testament. You will get a first-hand view and participate in the Biblical holidays of Israel which are held on the kibbutz. 

You will visit the Jewish believers in Israel and learn of their needs and challenges in a religious and secular environment.

Graduate students participate in leadership:

  • Preaching in our worship services
  • Leading the Bible studies
  • Heading “prayer and praise” groups

One college president said a two-week trip to Israel is "worth a year of Bible college".  If that is true, how much more valuable will it be to study the Bible in Israel for a year?  

Build lasting relationships with other students and develop a cohesive united group.

One year of study in Israel will be a valuable addition to your resume

Our Master’s Degree has been accepted toward a D. Ed. degree




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