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Biblical Lifestyle

Baptists for Israel Institute believes that Biblical principles should govern our behavior. Thus, our goal as a team in Israel is to do those things which glorify God and build up one another. I Corinthians 8:9, 12-13; 10:32. It is important that we show love for fellow team members.  Love desires the very best for others and endures all things.

"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if you have love one for another." John 13:35

It is also important that, as team members, our behavior reflects and glorifies Messiah. Our light is to shine before men that they may see Him. Consequently, each student intern’s daily life should be lived in accordance with Biblical principles. Because of these principles, our student interns agree to avoid attitudes of distrust, dishonesty, selfishness, damaging criticism, disrespect, immorality and unethical conduct. Student interns also agree to dress appropriately and not use alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or non-medical drugs.  Student interns indicate their support of this Biblical lifestyle as part of the application process. Those who choose to violate this commitment may be dismissed without benefit of refund or class credit.

Social Life
During the academic year, various activities are planned by Baptists for Israel Institute in addition to those provided by the kibbutz. A full range of social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities are available: lectures, concerts, plays, etc. A highlight of the kibbutz activities is celebrating the Jewish holidays.

There are also a wide variety of extracurricular sports available such as swimming, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. The interns are encouraged to participate in these activities.

Living and working with teammates from various places and backgrounds as well as with Israelis contributes to an understanding of oneself, development of interpersonal skills, and appropriate attitudes towards others. Lasting friendships and rich memories are developed both within and without the group through informal activities. 

Housing for each intern is located in Baptists for Israel Institute student houses within the kibbutz community. The opportunity to live among Israelis provides an educational and social experience unmatched in other programs. Interns are assigned a room with one or more interns depending upon the availability of space. Married couples are given their own room.

Health Services & Insurance
There is a medical clinic at a neighboring kibbutz which is available for those needing medical attention for minor illnesses and injuries. There is also a kibbutz ambulance and a hospital nearby for more serious needs.  Baptists for Israel Institute requires every student intern to have health insurance in Israel. Each student intern will be charged a monthly fee for this insurance.

Counseling Services
The staff of Baptists for Israel Institute provides Bible-based counsel and guidance to interns. This counseling includes personal, interpersonal, academic, and spiritual concerns. In addition, each student intern is assigned to a staff member who will regularly meet with him or her for encouragement, counseling, and prayer.

Spiritual Life

Baptists for Israel Institute desires that each intern grow in their relationship with the Messiah while studying in Israel. Consequently, interns are urged to set aside a definite period each day for private devotions. Worship services, Bible study, and Prayer and Praise sessions are held weekly for the interns’ encouragement and growth. Attendance at these meetings is required. The interns will be encouraged to take part in these meetings in various ways. There will also be opportunities provided for the interns to worship with native Israeli believers in their assemblies.                                                                                                                                 

Student Opportunities

In addition to the ongoing interaction with Israelis in their daily lives, interns are encouraged to develop their particular talents. Music, drama, athletics, etc. can be used to build relationships and share within the community.

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