Undergraduate Year Program

Spend a year abroad on our campus by the Sea of Galilee

Flexibility, creativity & balance: Lifelong lessons learned from spending a year abroad in Israel 


Israel is the perfect place to study:

Modern Hebrew - practice Hebrew with Israelis

Geography - walk on the map in the field trips

Modern Israeli History - visit museums that document major events

Archaeology - participated in an archaeological dig

Israeli Culture & Customs - see them in action everywhere you go 


It is so much more than just another year of school because our campus is in the heart of Galilee!

 Your life will be forever changed by the academic and personal enrichment that fosters your growth as a student of the Bible.



Over 42 days of field trips to Biblical and historical sites.

  • The land of Israel is our classroom.
  • Studying the Bible on the actual site gives you a unique perspective of the Bible.
  • Travel from Dan to Beersheva (Now Metulla to Eilat).
  • Hike the beautiful canyons and swim under the cool waterfalls.
  • Hike up the canyon where David hid from King Saul.
  • Participate in an archaeology dig in one of the ancient biblical cities.
  • Visualize the great events of prophecy - past, present and future as you see the land of the Bible and the events taking place in modern history.


On a daily basis you will:

  • Volunteer on the kibbutz
  • Encounter the real Israel - the people
  • Grow in Modern Hebrew as you practice in daily life and work

Weekly you will be enriched by:

  • Field trips that have a lasting impression
  • Bible Studies and fellowship 
  • One on one time with your mentor

As each month passes you will:

  • Have the opportunity to participate in the various Jewish Holidays
  • Discuss current events and philosophies in class
  • Immerse yourself in exciting opportunities that interest you

After nearly 9 months you will return home with a renovated image of Israel, a renewed passion for discovery and a revised spirit to obey the God of Israel!



What are you waiting for?
We’ll see you in Israel!


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